Smack in the middle of its annual customer conference: Enterprise World, OpenText is busy making news, starting with the release of Tempo Social and Tempo Box for the Cloud.

Tempo Social

If you’ve been following OpenText already you will be familiar with Tempo, but for the record it is an application for fast, easy, secure file sharing and sync from any device.

Since its release it has been through a number of changes that have added a lot to its functionality.This time, with Social and Box the focus is on secure social collaboration and secure information sharing in the cloud, with on premises sharing already available.

With Tempo Social, users get an out-of-the box social collaboration solution in the cloud that comes with customization abilities as well as enterprise-level security and compliance features.

Some of the features include dashboards for monitoring the activity in Tempo Social including activity feeds and how communities are behaving. It also monitors individual and team profiles.

Tempo Box

The other interesting social announcement is the new release of Tempo Box. Tempo Box is an on-premises offering that includes Box Express and Box Content Server Edition. It offers users complete control of their content repository in the enterprise itself.

Learning Opportunities

However, with this release, Tempo Box Cloud Edition, OpenText takes over the deployment and management of the solution, leaving enterprises to focus on business rather than IT.

Tempo Social is a natural complement to Tempo Box for secure file sharing and synching…This next generation enterprise platform for interactions and communications will help customers unleash enterprise value through social technology, allowing teams to focus, work more efficiently, and connect with relevant resources and expertise throughout the Enterprise,” ,” said Muhi Majzoub,VP of Research and Development OpenText.

OpenText Tempo

Overall then, the Tempo family of products offers users the possibly of using OpenText file-sharing and sync while also providing tight governance and compliance policies to maximize security.

By deploying these applications, OpenText says users can transfer information across the enterprise no matter where it is located. OpenText has been already trying out the new products internally and has, it seems, seen a great success.

…We have seen tremendous adoption with the internal deployment of Tempo Social. In just 3 days, we’ve had 1000 users create unique profiles and we’ve observed immediate engagement in productive interactions between employees from different teams and on different continents – something that would otherwise never have happened even through hundreds of scheduled conference calls,” Steve Hunt, Chief Information Officer of OpenText said.

Whether it displays the same adoption rates in other enterprises remains to be seen, but the lesson here seems to be that it is easy to use, and that if it is made available it will be used by enterprise workers. OpenText Tempo Box and Tempo Social are available now, in the cloud or on-premises.