Organizations have more content to wrangle than ever before. And every day, we produce more data — faster. Storing and combing through that data in a question and answer format is an established online practice. Now vendors like Quandora are trying to bring that capability to businesses.

Quandora and its Competitors

Quandora is a knowledge sharing tool that enables people to post questions that their colleagues can answer. It can be accessed by email or any one of several integrations like Salesforce, Yammer or HipChat. 

The company received an influx of cash at the beginning of 2013. Since then, it has updated its interface and gained 10 paying customers, CEO Andreea Barroca told CMSWire.com. Each customer represents hundreds of actual users, he said.

The difference between Quandora and a wiki or other question and answer site is it can be made private for a particular company or department. It boasts that it can neatly assemble business knowledge in one place — tagged, categorized and customized.

Right now, neither Quora or other sites like Spring.me offer that option. Quora only requires people to log in with their real name or social sign on to ask and answer questions. Spring.me, formerly Formspring, allows users to remain anonymous. 


Quandora 2.0 includes improved search, newsletter upgrades and a refreshed user interface

Corporate Culture Shift

Knowledge management is only one part of the enterprise content management landscape. Companies that live in this area are always a bit slower when it comes to new tech adoption, a reality that doesn't seem to  worry Barroca. To spread the word about Quandora, the company is integrating with a number of other services.

Yammer users, for example, can stream Quandora posts into their activity feeds. This has already helped land a customer, Barroca said.

Barroca said more companies are shifting their focus to cloud based software and distributed work teams. This trend is underway and enterprise companies are shifting their strategies accordingly. Gartner thinks it will become a $200 billion industry by 2016, potentially making tools like Quandora more in demand.

As companies move to the cloud, workers are becoming more and more accustomed to searching online for answers they need in their day to day work lives.

Where do they search? Stack Overflow is one obvious comparison. It's a tool well known among developers and programmers. For other specialized knowledge, there are options like Reddit or Metafilter. 

The bottom line: workers are looking online for answers they need. Eventually, companies may find strategically important to direct that activity into an internal space, a move that could benefit Quandora.