Scan Documents from Mobile Devices Faster, Easier with Office Drop
A recent report shows that how we use smartphones has changed considerably. No longer are they for making phone calls. Now they have become means for browsing the web, texting, sending emails. Additionally, for the business user, smartphones are changing how we work. As a result, our expectations for what we can accomplish from our phone have increased. To keep up with these demands, OfficeDrop has made significant updates to its iOS and Android cloud scanning and storage apps, beginning with its first Android tablet app.

Improving the Mobile Workflow

OfficeDrop’s newest mobile apps turn any iOS or Android tablet and phone into a scanner, giving users the ability to scan multiple pages as one document simply by snapping a few photos. The idea is that with just a few taps, users can turn their photos into searchable PDFs, upload them to the cloud, and share them with others. Through an improved user interface that incorporates faster search and sharing functions OfficeDrops aims to make the mobile workflow quicker and easier than ever before.

Since 2008, OfficeDrop existed as a ways to help make the paperless office a reality, allowing users to scan business cards or uploading scanned documents into Google Docs. For the past year, the digital scanning provider has released mobile apps designed to help iOS and Android users scan and sync their documents in the cloud and share across social networks.

Faster, Easier & More Productive

By putting OfficeDrop where most businesses are ending up -- the tablet -- the enterprise can become more efficient. Today's updates provide new and improved multi-page scanning capabilities that makes getting paper documents to the cloud three times faster than before. Simplified public sharing and the ability to share entire folders the same way users share documents makes for speedier collaboration. Users can also copy public file links to their mobile clipboards, making it easy to distribute files through email, text or mobile browsers.

For mobile workers, OfficeDrop can be the difference between working and getting working done in real time. Users can snap photos of a multi-page contract from a phone or tablet, upload the entire PDF as a single document to the cloud and collaborate on it with coworkers in minutes.