Looking for a team-based social computing app that works on SharePoint, both on premise and in the cloud? Check out this free one from SnapWorkSocial.

Social Without Purpose is Just Chat

SnapWorkSocial company founder and chief product architect Mike Watson said this:

Social without purpose is just chat, and so we’ve developed a unique and powerful toolset to help people connect, solve problems, and get more productivity out of SharePoint.”

What the productivity solution vendor developed was SnapTeam, a social computing app that integrates with SharePoint 2010 and Office 365, adding more social capabilities to SharePoint, but in a way that supports team collaboration.

Of the social features that come with SnapTeam, you get:

  • Microblogging: Talk to your colleagues, tag content, get feedback and all the other good stuff you do with a microblog.
  • Team Feed: It's an activity stream just for your team to do things like track documents, ask questions, assign tasks and post links/videos.
  • Team Profiles: a single page profile that packs in everything you need to know about your teammates
  • Tags: Tag posts when you create them or later on, filter your stream and help you find information on particular topics.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmark links, documents and more by tags
  • Task Integration: My favorite - integration task management with your stream so you can make sure someone is working on a particular task without going to some separate workflow tool. 

SnapTeam is being developed so that you can turn capabilities on or off, and you'll only get billed for what you use (assuming the cloud version I expected). And there are other capabilities in the works including things like Twitter, Facebook, Saleforce and CRM integration, ratings, taxonomy, Lync integration and more.

SnapTeamPro Still to Come

For those who want even more functionality, SnapTeamPro is SnapWorkSocial's full product suite and it will include integration with My Sites and cross-site capabilities. An app store will also be launched to allow others to extend the Pro toolset.

For now though, sign up for the private beta of SnapTeam and give it try. Come back and let us know what you think.