It’s no longer enough to for employees to log onto the intranet to download a few company policies and start a chat about a project with a coworker. Employees need to be enticed with games and social features that makes them feel like they’re not really working. Jive is capitalizing on this trend by introducing gamification features and a social intranet solution.

It’s All Fun and Games

Enterprise computing has taken another cue from consumer computing and is embracing gamification. Even if you aren’t familiar with the term, you’ve probably seen it and more than likely participated. Sites such as FourSquare, and now many private organizations, encourage and reward desired behavior such as checking in or completing employee training by spurring a sense of friendly competition. Participants earn badges, points and bragging rights by completing a promoted activity.

Gamification was a hot topic at the recent South by Southwest Interactive conference and  most analysts predict that use of gamification will increase significantly over the next few years. Now Jive Software, which is known for its enterprise social tools, is adding gamification to its bag of tricks. Jive has partnered with gamification software veteran (if there is such a thing) Bunchball, to create a gamification module for the Jive Social Business platform.

Jive Gamification Module.png

The new module offers role-based missions, status levels and badges, team-based competitions, real-time feedback and end-to-end fulfillment of virtual or real-world rewards earned in the system. The module isn’t just an add-on that requires users to go to a special page; it allows organizations to integrate game dynamics anywhere they wish to reward employees.  The module tracks more than a hundred actions that could be used to create games, and organizations can personalize the reward system using segmentation to ensure employees are motivated to participate.

Gamification Status Levels.png

Getting a Little More Social

In addition to the new gamification module, Jive has also announced the launch of the Jive Social Intranet Solution, which combines social features, gamification and integration with Microsoft productivity applications with traditional intranet capabilities. Although the solution is new, it builds on the experience Jive has from its customers over the years who used Jive to improve their collaboration.

Jive Social Intranet.png

The new platform provides a number of features such as:

  • Collaborative document management
  • Search
  • Content recommendations and filtered activity streams
  • Enterprise level security and privacy features
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Office and SharePoint
  • Mobile access from devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad
  • Legacy system integration
  • Tools to migrate data from legacy tools

mobile shots.png

It makes sense that Jive would move into the social intranet market because most intranet vendors are scrambling to integrate social features. Jive is able to start social and add intranet, which is likely an easier enhancement because social requires a significant change in user interaction style.

The new gamification module and social intranet solution are available now by contacting Jive.