Social Collaboration Meets Project Management with Mavenlink

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Social collaboration isn't always easy, nor is project management. While both require a certain degree of strategy, in order to be successful at either the key is to find a platform that provides the right amount of flexibility, usability and functionality to make teams both social and productive. Enter Mavenlink.


Streamline Workflow and Increase Productivity

When it comes to what Mavenlink does, it may be easier to talk about what it doesn’t do, instead. It won’t do your laundry, or pick up your dry cleaning, or bring you coffee -- though i am sure you could assign those activities to your team members, should it be within their purview. 


Can your project collaboration platform do this? Mavenlink users get these features for Free. Additional features available at the Pro level.

Users at all levels can effectively collaborate, share files, manage projects and teams with a single interface. Additionally, Mavenlink integrates with Google apps, including Google calendar, Google docs, Google contacts and Google tasks.

Setting up is easy, it almost makes you giddy to get to work (maybe that was just me!). Whether your adding tasks or team members, sharing updates or files, the Mavenlink platform is intuitive and not bulky to use.


Users can set up a single sign on by linking your account with a website that you already use for single-sign-on convenience, including Google, Yahoo, or a Google Apps account; as well as set up invoices and money management integration with PayPal and Quickbooks.

Learning Opportunities

Using the free plan, users have access to a vast set of features, including unlimited projects and participants, but are limited to 500MB storage. Three different upgrade options are available providing more options for larger storage, custom branding and adding premium members.

Are We Brainstorming the Wrong Way?

Still, having a solid platform upon which to collaborate is a huge part of the social collaboration puzzle. But, even with the right tools there can be bottlenecks to brainstorming. To better understand what’s standing in the way, Mavenlink released an infographic which seeks to show the good, bad and benefits of group think.



If you knew that restructuring the way you work could improve outcomes and achieve business goals quicker, you'd do it right? So why, then are we still working the same way and yielding less than stellar results. This infographic not only highlights the need to rethink how we work together, but reinforces the need for better software to help us share and communicate smarter.