Socialtext Offers Enterprise Collaboration Globally With NetDocuments Partnership

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Socialtext has been adding and adding to its enterprise social platform since it launched v5.0 in September. This year it looks set to maintain that momentum and has already announced a partnership with NetDocuments.

According to Leonard Johnson, Marketing VP at NetDocuments, the objective of the partnership is to provide companies with improved discovery of enterprise data through social collaboration.

NetDocuments, Socialtext

NetDocuments, you may recall, is a SaaS content management service provider that has, since its foundation in 1998, managed to develop integrations with Salesforce and Lexis/Nexis and last year released a new interface that manages big bunches of documents.

Socialtext, for its part, is a dynamic company in the social collaboration space that launched its latest major version in September last year, and added a number of upgrades in November including:

  • Native Mobile Applications for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry
  • Twitter Integration
  • Integration with Document Management Systems
  • Socialtext 360 -- formally known as SocialRadar, Socialtext 360 supports the vision for Socialtext 5.0 enabling discovery of information in all directions collaborated with

The integration of the two means that joint customers will be able to manage, develop and share documents through the native Socialtext interface.

Learning Opportunities

Between Socialtext and NetDocuments, enterprises get:

…a social framework for sharing internal expertise and corporate data then easily linking the flow of information for any related documents securely stored in a feature-rich NetDocuments repository…,”  Leonard Johnson, vice president of marketing, NetDocumentssaid.

NetDocuments, Socialtext Integration

There are a number of notable points of this integration, but some of the highlights being pushed by both companies include:

  • Integration of social collaboration tools into existing content management application
  • Document access through a secure cloud-based storage system
  • Download, upload, edit and collaborate on documents through the Socialtext interface
  • Enhanced document search capability through NetDocuments’ “cabinet” categorization system

The result is a system, the companies say, that gives users access to everyone and all information in an enterprise through an intuitive interface.

The ultimate goal for Socialtext, Eugene Lee, CEO of Socialtext says, is to create fully connected internal enterprise information networks, based around these kinds of integrations like the earlier one with Salesforce and SharePoint. More on this as it happens.