A new free crowdsourcing and collaboration tool from Spigit called ICON is available today, and the workplace just got even more social with its exclusive integration with the popular enterprise social network Yammer.

By logging into ICON with a corporate email address, users can probe coworkers for answers using the Spigit model of interactivity and gamification. ICON is based in part on other Spigit products that help workers leverage their customers' and coworkers' ideas to solve problems, and adds a simple head-to-head competitive mode to boost input.


ICON is an easy way to find answers, and have fun. It's also integrated with Yammer, and by signing in with Yammer Connect, users can pull in their profile info and corporate social graphs.

Ask questions and earn points by doing so, but also earn points by answering questions and being more active. This way, workers can be productive, learn about new ideas and generate legitimate buzz about new products and services.

Yammer Integration

With its exclusive Yammer build-in ICON can tap into an already vibrant social network in the corporate space. However, the key to this integration is in taking advantage of other Yammer features in conjunction with the gamified crowdsourcing power of ICON.

Because Yammer has recently added universal search to its growing list of features, any ICON activity will now be included in those Yammer search results. That means people who aren't even using ICON will see your relevant conversations when searching Yammer for answers to their questions. We think that is a winning combo for any app, and ICON is locked in from the beginning.

Marketing Leverage

Yammer is really mushrooming in the enterprise space, so ICON made a smart move with this integration. Not only do Yammer searches include ICON content, but ICON activity like new ideas, challenges, votes and comments will automatically publish in Yammer's Ticker in real-time. It's another layer of crowdsourcing that add more people to the conversation, increasing the likelihood that great new ideas will be generated.

Furthermore, by utilizing such a social environment, ICON is reinforcing the same kinds of behaviors that happen again and again in the social media space. This cyclical reinforcement builds traction for new ideas and possible solutions in a way that other brainstorming-like sessions cannot. Tell us in the comments what social networks you use at work and how effective they are at solving problems.