Spigit's FaceOff App Turns Customers into Brand Consultants

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Getting customer feedback into new products has always been a good idea.  Now Pleasanton, CA based Spigit, a self-described crowd innovation company, is making a game of that process with its new FaceOff application. By turning voting on brand directions into a game, the company looks to engage their customers while generating new ideas.

Consumer to Brand Collision

With FaceOff, the company is targeting the space where consumers and brands intersect, or "consumer to brand collision" as they like to say.  It incorporates the larger role consumers are playing in brand innovation, leveraging the power behind social networking tools to facilitate product adoption and customer engagement.


Paul Pluschkell, founder and CEO of Spigit, put it this way:

Learning Opportunities

Spigit was at the cutting edge of innovation management four years ago when we introduced prediction markets to the innovators toolbox,” he said. “Today we’re showing the first of our new techniques for activating crowds by rethinking the way you capture crowd preference.”

Engaged Consumer Community

Through the process, an engaged consumer community emerges, that encourages players to share, vote and rate ideas as they are generated during the game. The technology drives this engagement with a points and awards system and social recognition. Examples of prizes include gifts from coffee shops, furniture retailers and other popularbrands. On the web site, Disney, Sony, Ford, Apple, McDonalds, Ikea areall present. FaceOff then aggregates the results to identify the most popular and viable ideas as judged by their customers.

The Company said it will make the capability generally available in the next version of its software, SpigitEngage.