There’s a new TeamViewer. Version 8 of the popular remote control and online meetings software offers enhanced performance, additional capabilities and, for enterprises, a new Management Console.

TeamViewer, from the Germany-based company of the same name, provides remote control of any computer over the Internet without the need to install any software, for support, administration, or access to data and applications. It also offers online meetings, presentations, training sessions and document collaboration.

New Business Tools

The new cloud-based Console is an administration tool targeted at corporate environments, offering central, secure control of user accounts. Control capabilities include the ability to set up employee accounts or to establish a company profile for a support team. Support team members now have access to customer information through a shared Computers & Contacts list, and an administrator can set read and write permissions for shared groups, or for individual access to connection reports.

Version 8 also offers several new business tools. A user can pass control of a remote session on-the-fly to an expert, a remote computer can print locally, and there’s additional integration with Microsoft Outlook, including scheduling of online meetings. Additionally, remote sound and real-time video can be transmitted to a local device, and can be recorded.


The updated app also includes a new commenting function after each support session, and the ability to initiate remote connections through one click in the Console.

General Manager Holger Felgner said in a statement that “business users and IT administrators increasingly need more command and control of the software they use every day.” He added that the revised TeamViewer expands that required feature set with “useful new tools like session recording and Outlook integration,” as well as the cloud-based administrative control.

Windows 8, Linux

There’s now support for multi-touch gestures in Windows 8 and the high-resolution Retina display on a Mac. Linux computers can be accessed remotely for login/logout, system reboot and other access.

TeamViewer has said that use of its remote access software involves more than IT departments managing distant employees’ machines. Uses include surgeons in the operating room connecting with distant experts, doctors gaining access to sick patients’ computers without the risk of exposure, and divorced parents engaging with their children.

As several other vendors begin to compete in this space with TeamViewer -- including LogMeIn and VNC -- one of the key differentiators has been corporate management, which TeamViewer is more directly addressing with its new Console.