What technology is your intranet built on? Chances are it's SharePoint.

Based on data from the 183 organizations that registered for the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) and answered the question, “On what technology is your intranet based?”, it appears that SharePoint has about half the intranet technology market.

There also appears to be about a 50/50 split between SharePoint 2007 & 2010. The following pie chart shows the overall percentages.


If you think that SharePoint is more popular with larger organizations, then think again. The following three charts show the percentage breakdown based on the number of employees in an organization. You will notice the percentage of ‘Other’ technologies increases as organizations get larger. This is perhaps an indication of the difficulty large organizations face in moving from one technology, such as Lotus Notes or IBM WebSphere, to SharePoint.




Detailed Survey Responses

There seems to be no other dominant technology with the table below showing a wide variety of vendors and solutions being used by organizations to develop their intranets. Also Interesting to note that no one identified Yammer or Newsgator as their intranet technology, perhaps indicating that these technologies are still viewed as ‘add-ons’.



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