Social intranet provider ThoughtFarmer has released a new version of its platform. The latest release, version 5.5, has an upgraded user experience, better accessibility support and enhanced collaboration options.

What’s New in ThoughtFarmer

ThoughtFarmer released the first version of its social intranet in 2006 to fill what the team saw as a gap in the intranet market -- a Microsoft collaboration platform for a geographically distributed team. Since that time, the use of social in the enterprise has expanded and so have ThoughtFarmer’s features.

In version 5.5, ThoughtFarmer features an upgraded photo gallery that is more visually appealing and designed to encourage discussion -- think Pinterest, but on an intranet. Images load progressively, which makes page loads seem faster. In addition, editing is now faster due to support for inline editing and key board shortcuts.


ThoughtFarmer 5.5 Photo Gallery

In addition to the improvements to photo galleries, ThoughtFarmer redesigned forums in version 5.5. Users can now create forums using one of the new forum types (e.g. Idea Incubator) or define their own forum type. The display is more compact and new search within forum, enhanced date filtering and unread indicators makes content easier to locate. Comments have also been upgraded with a “quote this” feature that references from another user and a quick reply box. ThoughtFarmer has also added an application bar. The bar appears at the top of pages and allows users to navigate to favorites, recently visited pages or the administrative panel.


ThoughtFarmer 5.5 Forums
The release also features several non-visual improvements such as support for Active Directory synchronization for the cloud deployment and accessibility features for visually impaired users. The releases is not fully WCAG compliant, but offers:

  • Hidden menus to shortcut to key page elements for screen readers
  • ALT tags for all ThoughtFarmer application images (e.g. icons, profile photos)
  • Ability for users to set ALT tags for embedded images in the Rich Text Editor.

View the release notes for ThoughtFarmer 5.5 for details on new features, enhancements and defect fixes.

Additional Details

ThoughtFarmer has created video demos of the new  galleriesforums and app bar. In addition, the company is offering live, guided tours of the new features in version 5.5. The platform has tiered user-based pricing, which begins at US$ 10 per user per month for the cloud deployment and US$ 119 per user per month for the for the on-premises deployment.