Todd Klindt Tell Me You Like Me Well Party at Ignite

Microsoft Ignite is less than a month away in Chicago. There's going to be a ton of things going on.

But one of the things you never want to miss when you go to these big conferences is the AvePoint RED Party. They have it every year and it's always crazy, over-the-top. Those AvePoint folks have never thrown a reasonable party in their lives!

There was one that I was at — a lot of them blur together and a lot of them have included things that I just can't speak about publicly — but one of them had a fire dancer — this woman, she had things that were on fire like batons and rings and all kinds of stuff.

I thought it was gonna be dumb. And then I saw it — and it was not dumb.

But anyway, AvePoint is doing it again on Tuesday, May 5 at Chicago Union Station.

So now you may be thinking, "This sounds amazing. How does one get into such a thing?" And I'm going to tell you — even though you may have heard it was sold out.

RED-dy, Set, Go

AvePoint has a blog post now about how you can get in. You can blog this, and register here and earn points and all kinds of stuff. That is one way to get in, and that is fine.

But there's another way to get in. I'll get you in.

See, I got a ticket to the RED Party, and I was like "Sweet! Keeping this for me. Screw the rest of you guys."

But then I got another ticket to the RED Party. And I'm like, all right, maybe. Maybe, I will hook somebody up with a ticket to the RED Party. So here's what I'm going to do. And this is completely random. But if you want a ticket from me, here's how to get in the running.

I'm looking for some promotion. I'm looking for some help from you guys. So you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours … a little quid pro quo and all that kind of stuff.

So here are the ways you can get entered into winning my RED ticket. You can go out to my podcasts on iTunes and leave a review. Now when you do this, you can't just rate it, you have to leave text.

You have to put something like "This guy is less dumb than he was a year ago." Or something.

Or you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and then leave a comment in one of the podcasts. Leave a comment and say something about wanting the ticket to the RED party.

Whether you leave an iTunes comment or a YouTube comment, make sure your leave some kind of contact information in case I need to get back to you if you’re the winner of the ticket.

(Editor's note: Ok Todd, you can't give listeners all the fun. What about CMSWire readers? I know. This is only the second time we're translating some of your words to text. But we have a deal for your new word-loving fans. CMSWire readers, tell us why you want to party with Todd at the AvePoint RED Party. Just leave a comment at the end of this story. And Todd will give away a second ticket to one lucky reader.)

A Plan for a Plan?

So this came out a few days ago, and this was a blog post from Microsoft, so you know that it's good. And its talking about Microsoft AppFabric is going away. And that is sad because our friend SharePoint 2013 uses AppFabric and uses some of the workflow stuff.

And so I read this blog post about how AppFabric 1.1 is going to be going away and I thought "Oh crud, so I wonder what that means for SharePoint?" And keep in mind this blog post is not about SharePoint it's about AppFabric and they give some other things — you know, if you're a developer and you're using AppFabric then bladdy- bladdy- blah and I'm like "What does this mean for SharePoint?"

So I went to my man Bill Baer, senior product manager for SharePoint. He's a friend of the show, friend of mine. We go way back. I've been in the back seat of his Mustang. I was very uncomfortable. We're tight — that's what I'm getting at.

So I tell him, "Hey Bill, I'm going on tonight. And I'd like to know what the status of this is, since it's kind of a big deal. And his response to me, and I quote, "We're working on a plan for a plan to help you plan your plans."

Thanks, Bill.

He also added that actually "it doesn't change anything from supportability standpoint with SharePoint 2013."

So there we go.

More Good Stuff

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