Tweet Jam Recap: The Evolution of SharePoint #eimchat
SharePoint 2013 is out in the wild, so we took to the tweets this week to gather up some general thoughts about its strengths and weaknesses over the years. Our SharePoint tweet jam ended up being a robust discussion of one of the most widely used business systems in the world.

Market Reactions

In our latest tweet up - we call them tweet jams - we used the hashtag #eimchat as a gathering spot, and we asked SharePoint practitioners, experts, developers and project leaders to weigh in the oft maligned SharePoint. With over 100 million licensed seats, SharePoint has clearly been very popular, but also made the subject of frequent scorn.

As the system has changed and added features over the years, discussions about it continue to be pretty lively, and doubly so since we're using twitter as the forum. SharePoint 2013 is the new kid on the block, of course, and our panelists were almost split on how well the market was receiving the product, but comments tilted in favor of a positive reception.

SharePoint Strengths + Weaknesses

This is where things get real as people share their thoughts on what's working and what isn't. There wasn't much agreement on what was really great or poor. It could be that it's still just a bit too early to tell, and there will no doubt be tweaks here and there over the next year or so.

On Premises, Office 365 or Hybrid?

Beyond market acceptance, and what kind of features are worthwhile, the biggest question for many companies is whether to move to the cloud, maintain an on premises deployment or possibly choose a hybrid cloud. Companies choose different options for various reasons, and in the early going of SharePoint 2013, hybrid deployments seem to be the crowd favorite.

Is Yammer SharePoint's Killer App?

In a word, yes. Yammer is the social business side of SharePoint that it has always lacked. Yammer seems to be the way SharePoint can be saved from itself, most agreed. The only catch? Microsoft is not going to build an on premises version, so for some companies, they may have to decide how badly they want to use SharePoint at all if they can't commit to the cloud.

SharePoint Mobile

SharePoint is popular and SharePoint is evolving, but one thing it is most certainly not is mobile. As one commenter put it, it's embarrassing how late to the game SharePoint is on mobile. However, the tools are in place, it's just not what many would consider mobile ready just yet.

The Case Against SharePoint

Is there anything that can slow down the SharePoint juggernaut? What does it need to improve, or what do companies need to do better to take advantage of SharePoint? These are tough questions, and as often is the case with SharePoint, the answer is often it depends.