Less than two years after VMware snapped up SlideRocket, it is selling it off to ClearSlide, a presentation suite for sales teams.

SlideRocket is a Web based presentation system that competes with the likes of PowerPoint, and because ClearSlide is firmly in the sales engagement sector, adding it makes a good deal of sense.

VMWare Cutting Losses

That VMware could turn around and dump SlideRocket in less than two years is probably a good thing for VMware. When it first bought it, we felt it was a bit of an odd move, and the sale just confirms it was never a great fit. It's not that VMware buying SlideRocket was totally illogical, but it certainly seems to have been poorly timed.

For the SlideRocket team, whatever experience it gleaned during its time under VMware should only help it in its new home. ClearSlide is obviously a much smaller company than VMware, so the SlideRocket team ought to have some good perspective on how such different kinds of organizations are run.

During the transition, SlideRocket customers should expect service to be supported by both VMware and ClearSlide until it is more integrated into the ClearSlide system later this year. ClearSlide is already evaluating the SlideRocket pricing, but not too many other details have been released so far. That includes the price of the sale.


SlideRocket interactive presentation player.

Clearslide Polishing Up

ClearSlide raised nearly US$ 30 million last year, and by adding SlideRocket to its offerings, the company effectively raises its profile. SlideRocket is a pretty straightforward, yet polished, system for interactive demonstrations of products, services or ideas.

ClearSlide offers similar functions, but also acts as a collaboration platform. Both its internal and customer facing products should benefit from the SlideRocket integration, despite the fact we don't know exactly what form it will take. Tell us in the comments if your PowerPoint skills have never been greater or if you've moved on to other systems like SlideRocket.