Wiggio Reaches 1 Million Users, Continues to Simplify Group Work
Last year, we marveled at the speed at which Wiggio, a Boston-based software company, gained the following of 400,000 users engaged in its suite of online collaboration tools aimed at managing social activity. This year, the folks at Wiggio are celebrating an impressive milestone of 1 million users.

Making it Easy (for Everyone) to Work in Groups

Often referred to as “SharePoint for college kids,” Wiggio makes it easier to work in groups (which is its official tagline). Its service allows users to meet virtually, edit documents and share content such as mass text messages and other files. However, unlike SharePoint, much of its appeal is its simplicity. Wiggio brings together Box.net, Webex, Yammer, and Basecamp in a free application.  

While reaching 1 million users is impressive, what makes it more so for Wiggio is that more than 80% of Wiggio's users are college students, student groups and universities from around the world. More than 2,000 universities and 120,000 student groups collaborate using Wiggio. In fact, Wiggio’s tools are regularly tested by fourth-graders to ensure that it is in fact as simple and useful as they need it to be.

Adding New Features

Along with reaching 1 million users, Wiggio has also announced new video chat and premium custom features.