Social performance management technology provider WorkSimple unveiled an edition of its platform designed specifically for Yammer users at this week’s YamJam ’12 conference in San Francisco. WorkSimple says the new integration brings both enterprise social software vendors into direct competition with Salesforce’s recently released social performance management tool.

Bringing Recognition, Goal-setting to Yammer

WorkSimple is stressing the ability its platform gives Yammer users to achieve collaborative recognition and goal-setting in the Yammer environment. The Yammer edition includes WorkSimple’s social recognition features, which encompass “gamification” elements such as badges and awards, as well as personalized messages and feedback/reviews, all of which are saved on the user’s WorkSimple profile that is also integrated with their Yammer profile. 

In addition, the Yammer integration brings WorkSimple’s Social Goals feature to Yammer. Social Goals allow users to edit and update goals that are available for their colleagues to view, comment and collaborate on. Other features include real-time conversations in Yammer around Social Goals, a single sign-on for both platforms, automated performance metrics and analysis, and the sharing of Yammer recognition on the user’s WorkSimple profile.

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Ditching the ‘Annual Report Card’

 In a blog post, Naren Patil, senior director of enterprise social technology provider Saba, says most companies “are still stuck into very painful annual report cards,” but social performance management solutions can help them move past this antiquated means of providing employee feedback.

“Instead of conducting often demoralizing annual events based on once a year feedback from few handful of people, social performance approach fosters ongoing feedback from the entire business network to improve the quality and relevance of the performance reviews,” states Patil. He also says social performance management allows better alignment and focusing of goals, since they are set with input from the entire team, and encourages the development of “rich talent pools” that break down silos between business units in a company.

Looking at the Competition

WorkSimple has identified Salesforce (a rebranded version of Rypple fully integrated with Chatter, SalesCloud and ServiceCloud) as the primary competitor for its new Yammer edition. Last month, CMSWire reviewed Let’s look at a few of the highlights. provides a set of tools that sit inside the applications used by key personnel and departments: sales people, marketing departments, human resources. It aligns people with company goals and motivates them to do their jobs better. And when those company goals change, it lets people know that the goals have been changed. With, teams will be managed in real-time social through ongoing feedback and coaching. Social goals will also be visible in Chatter, providing transparency across the entire enterprise. also provides custom badges and allows performance reviews to be based on actual work done. At their cores, and WorkSimple Yammer Edition seem pretty similar, and both have the advantage of running on a major social enterprise platform. A lot of who comes out on top may rely on who does the best job of promotion and marketing. May the best platform win.

The Yammer WorkSimple edition is generally available today for all Yammer customers, and the Yammer edition is available free for all current Yammer customers. Yammer customers can upgrade to the performance edition when they are ready and pricing starts at US$ 9 per user per month.