Yammer has announced new security features to the enterprise social networking platform that will improve the user experience. The company will combine their security features with those from other security-based companies and is adding an Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to the platform.  

These new features follow a string of other updates that that have been announced in conjunction with the company’s YamJam Convention, including the announcement of the new Enterprise Graph.

Single Sign-On + e-Discovery

Yammer, which is used by over 200,000 organizations worldwide, has expanded what security features they offer their customers. By partnering with other companies, they've expanded on the e-Discovery and data archiving features and are now offering a single sign-on option.

"Security has always been of paramount importance at Yammer. Our mission is to maintain the safety of company information and to have advanced security controls in place over every user, application and system,” said Josha Bronson, director of Security Engineering, Yammer. “We are excited to partner with these companies to provide our customers with more compliance options based on the tools they already use.”

The companies and what they bring to Yammer’s security include:

  • Okta: The on-demand identity and access management service allows companies to control what users can and can’t do in the cloud and in on-premises enterprise applications while on Yammer.
  • Smarsh: As a software-as-a-service message archive system and compliance service, Smarsh  allows users to save, search and keep track all of their conversations through Yammer. Data about these conversations can also be produced in a data format for e-Discovery.
  • Symantec: Using Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform, Yammer administrators can move data into the Clearwell platform so it’s easier to find through e-Discovery.

An EDRM Model for Data Export

Yammer’s new security features didn't stop when they announced their new partnerships with other companies, they've also adopted the EDRM standard for data exports. The EDRM will help Yammer provide top-notch security for e-Discovery products and services, as the .csv data export file can be converted to a .xml – which is the standard when providing the security for e-Discovery products and services.

Data retention and eDiscovery are critical security components for businesses that need to meet legal and business data archival requirements,” said Tim Rains, director, TrustworthyComputing, Microsoft Corp.”

Yammer's YamJam convention for 2012 concludes today in San Francisco.