Yammer Expands Support to 28 Languages

Social business is only as good as the ability to communicate in the local language. 

To tackle that, Yammer is offering localized versions. The web client now supports 28 languages. In addition, its mobile apps come in 12 languages and both the iOS and Android apps have a message translator.

Going Global

The announcement was made through the Yammer product blog by Adrianne Martinson. She added that additional web localization improvements include sign-up flow and public page (including home and login pages) localization to support all 28 languages, and right to left message support for Arabic and Hebrew.  

The supported languages include Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Portuguese, just to name a few.

If you're operating in English and need to translate into another language, a translate button will appear below the initial, original post.

Clicking translate will instantly convert the entire conversation, including related responses, into the user’s default language. Clicking “show original text” will revert the conversation back to the initial language(s).

Yammer locatization.jpg

Extending Social

While the localization possibilities are interesting and provide Yammer— and, consequently, the social layer of SharePoint — with a reach which it hasn’t had before, what is even more interesting is the fact that one of the elements that have been localized is the Yammer Success Site.

This provides users with guidance on how to set up Yammer as a social enterprise tool. But now, with the localized version it provides Success Site in the same languages in which Yammer is now available. This also means that workers using any of those languages will have the tools to develop an effective social business.

Yammer is also working on updates to the Success Site to improve navigation and content discoverability. While these improvements are expected to be release din English soon and will be localized soon after that.

This is the most recent in a list of improvements to Yammer that are slowly but surely making it a more effective addition to SharePoint and Office 365.

Only last week, for example, it announced the release of document conversations, a new enterprise social experience feature applied across Office 365, which embed the social collaboration capabilities of Yammer into the Office apps.

It is still not entirely clear where Microsoft wants to take Yammer. That, however, has more to do with its plans for SharePoint than it has to do with Yammer.

Microsoft has committed itself to SharePoint Online and has also said that SharePoint on-premises will benefit from integration in future service pack releases.