Siasto, a new workplace productivity service, is following the lead of companies such as Yammer in the enterprise.

The startup offers a more visual approach to workplace discussion and organization, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Siasto is compatible with Google Apps, and it's more visual than Yammer because it offers navigation centered on tiles instead of tabs. It's also generally a more colorful design than Yammer's blue and grey tones.

Workplace Sharing

 Social networks in the enterprise don't have to be utilitarian, and that's exactly why Siasto emphasizes images in workplace back-and-forth messaging. This feature is called Discussions, and it allows for dropping in an image, and  displaying in the thread not just as an addendum, but more as a leading theme to the chat.

Additionally, for task management, there is a drag-and-drop feature for organizing to-do lists, for example. Group tasks together by their due dates or show them all in a list.


Group tasks by due date or view them as a list.

Project Management

Both Yammer and Siasto offer simple solutions for building online collaborative workspaces with customers and partners. But, Siasto focuses on making these extranet pages more brand-friendly, and that can make the collaboration space even more inviting and easy to understand for those customers/vendors. These customized individual projects help clients, but also make it easy to log into those teams on the collaboration side.


Customize project pages for easy identification and better customer recognition.


Another handy tool is the Gmail plugin that integrates some Siasto features in the inbox. You can add tasks, create documents and schedule events without having to log in to Siasto. A new email tool for the Discussions feature syncs those discussions to the inbox so you can respond to discussions from your email. Obviously, depending on what your team needs are, there's many other features that might be needed. Yammer bought a document collaboration service back in April called OneDrum, and while the features haven't been integrated just yet, this is a powerful option. 

However, if your team doesn't need heavy document collaboration, then Siasto might be a good fit. There's three levels of pricing, and they vary by storage amounts and numbers of projects. Prices go from US $30 per month to US $100 per month for 20 projects and 15 gigabytes of storage to unlimited projects and 70 gigabytes of storage, respectively. 

Let us know in the comments if your work teams are looking for new social or project management tools and what features they are leaning towards.