All the twists, turns and tips you need for staying up-to-date by the water cooler. This week’s highlights include: * Web Design is the Design of Words. On words and what they bring to web design. * What is an Ontology? And Why We Need Them. There's a kind of elegance to going back to basics. * Webinar: Kicking Word for XML. Tune in this August 2 for tips on how to do this without going to bed in tears! * M & A: Hyland Software is Off the Market. Private equity has just pulled Hyland off the market, and not for pocket change. * Collaborative Web Sets Stage for Prodigal Women. Where have all the women gone? Online - and not just to shop and chat. A lot of them are turning tech. Find out where they're hiding. And these are the articles you couldn’t get enough of (if unique visits are anything to go by, anyway). The time has come for a myriad of skill-set revisits: * SharePoint 2007 Review - Six Pillars of MOSS * Microsoft -- AJAX for ASP.NET (Updated) * Getting Started with SharePoint WebParts (again) * Who Needs SOA? Alfresco Gives it a REST * WYSIWYG Editing with FireFox