All the twists, turns and tips you need for staying up-to-date by the water cooler. Got some extra time this weekend? Help CMSWire improve! Fill out our usability survey for a chance to win a spankin’-new iPod. This week’s highlights include: * Time for Content to Become More Scientific. Gerry McGovern goes into the science of effective content. To hear him talk in person, hit Canada this November. * Converting Clicks to Customers. Some practical advice on turning traffic into something tangible. * XML Content Management Gets into Pricing Per Minute. A clever new model for pricing XML content management - or is it? Weigh in. * TimeSelect Strikes Midnight, Turns the Page on Subscription Model. Traditional journalism finally gets wise to what brought newspapers their original success in the first place: advertising. * SharePoint (MOSS) Disrupts Enterprise CMS Market. Are you sufficiently SharePoint-savvy? And these are the articles you couldn’t get enough of (if unique visits are anything to go by, anyway). Looks like it's time to bring some MOSS back into our lives. * Google Apps Go Mobile, Starting with iPhone * SharePoint 2007 Review - Six Pillars of MOSS * My Web Content is Better Than Your Web Content * Easy Web User Controls for SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 * Ruby Sunday: Scaling Twitter and Other Lessons from Mr. Cook