For small businesses, plunking down $299/desktop for Adobe's Acrobat product has not always been an attractive solution. There are other options. A recent posting on WebProNews has provided a full, though not complete list. If you want to create PDF reports, quotes, ebooks, or any other document to add to your website, your choices for cheap or free PDF tools are plentiful.Six desktop tools/plug-ins for PDF generation are included in the list. To this I would add PDFCreator -- an open-source project on PDFCreator is a stable, if simple way of generating PDFs from just about any format. It installs itself as a printer, thus the format flexibility. Three web-based tools are included on the list. To this I would add that an intrepid college intern with adept Googling and some ColdFusion programming skills could recreate this capability for your group/dept./company in about a day. And finally there are three tools listed for PDF document manipulation. The original article: Why Pay Big Bucks For PDF Software: Consider Your Options Thanks to Merle for a very useful list of resources.