These are busy times for the content management industry and its related industries. Lots of conferences going on, experts sharing their thoughts and ideas about how things are and will be, partnering, integrations...whew.. Hard to keep track of it all. Here are just a few we thought would peek your interest...

Enterprise CMS

Open Source Partnership Between Alfresco and Intalio Alfresco is integrating it's Enterprise Content Management suite with the Intalio|BPMS (Business Process Management System) to provide an open source solution for managing document centric workflow processes and collaborative development of business processes. EMC has Bought Service Management software vendor Infra Corp. Pty Ltd. EMC Corp is on the acquisition road again. Last month they bought Pi Corp, makers of personal information management software and last December they agreed to shell out $85 million for Document Sciences Corp. This time it's Infra Corp, maker of service management software. But they aren't saying how much they paid... SpringCM Delivers a New Version of Its SaaS ECM -- Offers eForms As one of "KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management", SpringCM is on the move updating their On-Demand Document Management and Workflow Solution. For this update they now deliver eForms, automated document customizations and custom reporting. DocsCorp Acquires DocuComp -- Document Comparisons Will Never be the Same Aside from the fact that their names are very similar, DocsCorp had good reason to acquire DocuComp. DocuComp's text comparison technology will integrate nicely with DocsCorp's own solution - pdfDocs compareDocs and eliminate one of the competition.


eZ Systems Sticks to Cold Climates, Expands Opps in Chicago eZ Systems is going to Chicago. This foray into the American market requires is their attempt to bring open source content management to Americans - who aren't as open as Europeans. What is it with these guys and cold weather? Why not move where it's warm and comfy..

Enterprise 2.0

eCopy Launches Wiki to Discuss Document Imaging An interactive resource on document imaging...If you want to learn more about the technology, vendors and best practices this is the place to go. And if you know something, you get to contribute that knowledge to the wiki. Kudos to eCopy for reaching out. IBM Invests in a Web 2.0 Collaboration Lab IBM is supporting upcoming developers by contributing to a new collaboration lab at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Called the Innovation and Collaboration Lab, students will learn all about Web 2.0 technologies. And since IBM is supplying the servers, notebooks and PCs, it only stands to reason it will be their software loaded on them - helping IBM encourage the use of their own Web 2.0 tools and technologies. Who said going to school didn't make you smart? And that concludes our interlude for the Weekly News Trawl. Hope you found some good information.