Diplomas Handed to Four New Jumpboxes

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jumpbox virtualization
The fun never stops for the folks at JumpBox, where they are unveiling an expansion of their product line to include Jumpboxes for Open Source applications: Alfresco, OTRS, Bugzilla, and Mantis.These latest additions to the JumpBox production library will join the already potent arsenal of virtual appliances for popular Open Source applications, including:* Drupal* Joomla!* MediaWiki* DokuWiki* PunBB* Wordpress* VTiger CRM* TWiki* Trac/Subversion. Like all trusty Jumpboxes, these applications are deployed with minimal skill and maximum speed.Automated backups and a consistent web based control panel also simplify continued usage.These four new applications are members of the inaugural graduating class of the JumpBox Proving Grounds, the invite-only community where over 470 members put the beta JumpBoxes through the grinder.Recent additions to the Proving Grounds include: PmWiki, TikiWiki, Moin Moin, Redmine, Moodle, PhpBB, and Cacti.This incoming class joins the OG's of the company: Joomla! 1.5, Silverstripe, Project Pier, and OpenLDAP."The Proving Grounds were developed to get rich user feedback on our products, which ultimately allows us to release better applications faster," said Sean Tierney, Co-founder and COO of JumpBox. "We are thrilled to be "graduating" our first four apps, and want to thank all the Proving Grounds members for their participation and feedback."JumpBox’s competitive advantage is the ease of use and short amount of time it takes to deploy server-based applications. A “JumpBox” nicely bundles an entire application stack into a pre-configured unit that runs on top of virtualization software from VMWare, Xen, Parallels, and Microsoft.While typical deployment of the applications that JumpBox supports could take someone hours or days, a JumpBox dramatically reduces this time, letting you focus on more important things: like leveling up your Night Elf in WoW.In all seriousness, the biggest benefit of using a JumpBox boils down to lowered costs, reduced labor, and fewer general headaches an organization must endure from dealing with fussy software.For more information, check out the JumpBox website.