Fremont-based Mendocino Software announces support for VMware ESX Server, Version 3 and above for its InfiniView offering. InfiniView is a major enterprise-class continuous data protection solution.“Through our OEM partners such as HP, Mendocino’s technology is being placed in Fortune 1000 companies to help optimize the recovery, administration and maintenance operations for mission critical application environments,” explained CEO and President Steve Colman of Mendocino. “More and more, we are seeing these types of customers using VMware and asking about instant recovery capabilities for virtualized environments.” He's pretty much given away the surprise. The platform expansion for VMware support means that InfiniView's "one button" instant recovery capability can now be used with virtualized servers running on ESX. InfiniView itself has the ability to present one or more "views" as readable, writable and recoverable disk-based images of any past point in time, on-demand. This means views on InfiniView can be used just like disk-based snapshots are used today, and as an added benefit, the views do not impact production applications or take up additional storage space. Included support for VMware broadens Mendocino's reach across a variety of operating system environments for the InfiniView offering. Approved operating systems now include Solaris, Windows, AIX, HP-UX and Linux. Jeff Rochlin, IT exec at a major (and undisclosed) company in the entertainment and media industry, noted, “InfiniView can support multiple heterogeneous servers, storage, and applications, enabling us to move in the direction of a single, centralized data access utility that provides this access, spanning all of our major open systems environments.” In related news, rumor has it that VMware is cooking up Embedded ESX Lite, a dream infrastructure for the megabyte-frugal. Leap into Mendocino's InfiniView at the Mendocino website.