Virtualization - What Does the Next Generation Look Like?

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Virtualization Conference and Expo
Virtualization has been taking the IT field by storm, but where is it headed? The theme of November's 4th International Virtualization Conference and Expo is "The Next Generation of Virtualization". They are welcoming submissions from exceptional speakers with high-quality use cases not just on how virtualization maximizes the use of resources and thus saves companies money, but also of how it is altering the way businesses run IT in a fundamental way. The conference, held in San Jose, November 20-21, will cover a number of topics that range from Server Virtualization, Application Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Network Virtualization, I/O Virtualization and Storage Virtualization, to Virtual Machine Automation, Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migration, Management Applications, Tools and Utilities and Virtualization Scripts and Procedures.

Virtualization: A Pretty Big Deal

So what's the big deal about virtualization, anyway? For one, the virtualization services market is expected to reach $11.7 billion by 2011, which is pretty huge, all things considered. While virtualization technology has been around for a number of years, it's recently been in the forefront of new IT implementations due to its perceived efficiency and cost-saving qualities. Virtualization of distributed computing, of IT resources such as storage, bandwidth and CPU cycles are all increasing in importance within enterprise IT. Virtualization can also apply to a range of system layers, including hardware-level virtualization, operating system level virtualization and high-level language virtual machines.Server virtualization has especially taken off, with data centers virtualizing to increase workloads in server consolidation projects, efficient software development and testing, resource management for dynamic data centers and application re-hosting and compatibility.

Call for Submissions

Feel like you have valuable insight on virtualization, or something that needs to be heard? Submissions are welcome on a number of topics, some of which are listed below and on any others that you feel are central to next-generation virtualization. * Server, Desktop, Application or File Virtualization * The Future of the Virtual Enterprise * Hosted Virtualization * Para-virtualization * Virtualization Hardware Support * Service-Oriented Virtualization * Virtualization for Server Consolidation and Containment * State of the Virtualization Services Market * Virtualization-based Malware * Cloud Computing Ideal candidates will be i-Technology experts with first-hand experience in the deployment or implementation of all aspects of virtualization solution in the enterprise. Even if you don't meet this standard, but have something substantive, challenging, and original to offer, you are encouraged to submit a proposal. The Call for Papers is a completely online process, and submissions need to be in by June 30, 2008. Visit the 2008 Virtualization Conference + Expo site for more information and to make your submission.