VMRCPlus Goes Public for Microsoft Virtual Server Users

2 minute read
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Those working with Microsoft Virtual Server have something grin-worthy in store: VMRCPlus is now available as a free download to the world at large.Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus is a VM client display and management tool that lets you manage multiple tasks and servers from one interface. And while Microsoft hosts no official support for resource kit assets like this one, it boasts a long list of helpful capabilities that make the lives of Virtual Server users easier, including:* A tabbed interface for leaping between Virtual Server hosts and guest VMRC sessions* Direct control of local or remote instances of Virtual Server. This means IIS and IE browser are no longer necessary* Reusable saved states, which enables users to preserve certain states and return to it at their leisure* Multiple guest selection for startup, shut down, save and display* Resizable desktop support for those running Virtual Machine Additions* Multiple guest creation. You can also create a guest, or multiple guests, from parent. Number of feasible guests is unlimitedThere's also Drag and Drop support for .VMC files, ISOs images, VHD and VFD files; browse button navigation for media, ISO and hard disk images, .VMC files and others. Users can also cut and paste limited series of text between host and guest.Hosts can take JPG screenshots of running guests with a built-in utility. And for extra bug protection, there is built-in error notification.VMRCPlus can manage about 32 Virtual Server hosts, an unlimited number of guests with different access privileges, automatic detection of VM Additions and detection of Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.Microsoft Virtual Server '05 does play nicely with Windows Server '08 core installations, so, with VMRCPlus making Virtual Server all the more navigable, it might be time for those burned over the broken Viridian promise to leap into virtualization after all.For those not in the know, VMRCPlus was put together some time ago by Microsoft developer Paul Despe. And though available internally, Despe didn't have the time to make it end-user ready.So consultant Mattijs ten Seldam went ahead and made the enhancements recently. You can check out his blog, and ask him questions, right here.Download your copy of VMRCPlus. And if you're already using it, let us know what you think.