We've seen tons of people try "cracking the event nut" in app-world. But this start-up, dubbed ImThere, is one of a fresh wellspring of attempts to segment the online events market -- focusing on major launches versus wee dinner party-type stuff -- and build local userbases without forsaking its own scalability. Users are actually able to search for events on ImThere based on popularity, region, artist or other components. This means local communities can actually cluster around stuff most relevant to them. And it also plays nicely with mobile, which certainly can't hurt any. See demo here. As TC points out, the service might go stagnant in a month, but if it can build critical mass right now it could join the group of online miracles (can you count them?). At present, ImThere's radar is focused on the release of Leopard (the latest Mac OS X for Apple). Images of platform geeks waiting in line are included. Good to know it's got a demographic in mind.