Ping Identity Brings Single SaaS Log-On
Ping Identity, a provider of identity management web services, has recently released PingFederate 5.2 -- a single sign-on software for SaaS users and vendors. The new release incorporates key technologies from Ping Identity’s recent acquisition of Sxip Access to offer automated provisioning and de-provisioning, as well as advanced user access methods.PingFederate 5.2 builds on proprietary Salesforce and Google Apps APIs to deliver automated and efficient SaaS authentication. Additionally, the service can also integrate with any existing user authentication system.

PingFederate 5.2 Highlights

PingFederate 5.2 has a number of new features that improve user experience: * Automated Provisioning: Allows users to easily access services without typical hassles. * Connectors for Salesforce and Google: These modules streamline configuration settings. * Enhanced Support: Desktop browsers, mobile browsers, remote users and more are now supported. Specific to Salesforce, with PingFederate 5.2, Ping Identity has expanded its list of supported Salesforce access methods to include desktop and mobile browsers, remote users, Salesforce Connect for Microsoft Outlook and emailed report URLs. Scott McMullan, Google Apps Partner Lead, had this to say about PingFederate: “PingFederate 5.2 makes it easier for users to securely access Google Apps for communication and collaboration, while streamlining administrative requirements and easily scaling as companies grow." Speaking of SaaS applications and the challenges they present to IT, Ping Identity's CEO Andre Durand, says that “Because most SaaS applications have their own user directories, IT administrators may be manually adding, updating and deleting hundreds or thousands of user accounts. Ping Identity has responded with the only SaaS SSO solution that’s up and running in days and includes automatic provisioning to eliminate that extra work.”

Growing Problems in Need of Addressing

According to a report from Gartner, Software-as-a-Service is forecasted to have an annual growth rate of 17% through 2011 for small and midsize businesses, which is more than double the growth rate for total enterprise application software as a whole. Ping Identity is on the forefront of addressing problems that future SaaS providers will face -- identity management. The company is constantly improving their products, and PingFederate is no exception.