Packt Publishing (newssite) has announced the winners for the final categories of the 2010 Open Source Awards. This year, the awards included six categories and offered US$ 24,000 in prizes. Judges selected jQuery as winner of the Open Source JavaScript Library category, CMS Made Simple (newssite) for the Open Source Content Management System category and WordPress (newssite) for the Hall of Fame CMS category.

The Awards

When the Open Source Awards first began, they awarded one single category recognizing open source content management systems. They have since expanded, recognizing a larger subset of the open source community. The 2010 awards included three new categories -- Open Source JavaScript Library, Open Source Graphics Software and Open Source E-Commerce Application. Packt received nominations for over 7,000 products and more than 24,000 votes across the six categories. In addition to recognition, the winner of each category received a US$ 2,500.00 prize. The first and second runner up also received financial recognition of US$ 1,000.00 and US$ 500.00 respectively.

JavaScript Library

Judges selected the popular client side scripting library jQuery as the winner of the Open Source JavaScript Library category. The new category included pre-written JavaScript controls, which allow for easier development of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), visually enhanced applications or smoother server-side JavaScript functionality. There was a tie for first runner up between Web 2.0 JavaScript framework Mootools (newssite) and JavaScript vector graphic library, Raphaël.

Open Source CMS

CMS Made Simple took home the award for the Open Source CMS category followed by SilverStripe and MODx as the first and second runners up. This is the first time CMS Made Simple has won the award, but it has had a presence in the awards since 2007; SilverStripe and MODx were also finalists in the awards last year.

CMS Made Simple, the PHP-based CMS originally released in 2004, heavily focuses on ease of use for managing semi-static "pages,” their layout and their content. While it can be used to build more interactive portals or blogs, it's not their primary focus. The base product provides users the ability to manage news articles, search functionality, utilize a WYSIWYG editor and user and group-base security as well as numerous other built in functions. Additional, functionality is possible by adding one or more of the hundreds of third party add-on tools available for CMS Made Simple.


CMS Made Simple homepage 

Hall of Fame CMS

The Hall of Fame CMS category, introduced to the Awards last year, is a competition between the previous winners of the Open Source CMS Award and is reserved for the biggest projects in the open source Content Management market. The finalists in the category are well known in the community and lead the open source CMS market. This year, judges selected WordPress as the winner. With this award, WordPress goes from winning the Open Source CMS Award last year to winning the Hall of Fame CMS category. Drupal (newssite) and Joomla! (newssite) were awarded first and second runner up after a tie was broken between the two by an extra independent judge.

These announcements conclude the 2010 Packt awards. Did your favorite open source project win? Do you agree with the outcome? Let us know what you think.