Emagine has updated their flagship Web CMS product with new features, new integration modules, and MS Vista support. EmagiC CMS.Net v4.0 is the company's core software offering, historically positioned as a website and portal management tool, with version 4.0 the company has also started describing the product as a .NET application framework and calls it a stepping stone for e-Government initiatives. Emagine, a Belgian firm partnering with a number of international integration organizations, distributes and develops its user-friendly CMS platform aimed at implementing and managing a broad range of websites types. Version 4.0 boasts a number of new features, of course some bug fixes, and few notable extension modules. The Connector for MS Office 2003 enables authorized users to directly open, edit, and publish MS Office documents stored in the EmagiC document libraries. The Connector for SharePoint ties into the SharePoint Web Services API enabling content administrators to integrate SharePoint lists within the EmagiC CMS.Net websites. SharePoint data can be rendered in the EmagiC context by using the default connector behavior, by applying custom XSL, or by implementing custom rendering logic. New Electronic Identity Card (eID) features support both public and backoffice user authentication/authorization via Belgian eID cards. With this new security feature, users enjoy flexible access to restricted content and enterprises get a jump start towards e-Government compliance. Additional notable features of the latest release include new load balancing and replication capabilities, improved multi-lingual features for administrators and developers, Windows NTLM single sign-on support, and new integration support with the Newsletter add-on module. The EmagiC CMS is based on the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework. Software license pricing ranges from free to around EU 6000 for an unlimited license. See www.emagiccms.com for more info.