eZ Systems Strategy and Hiring Plans in the US
Even in an “economic downturn” some companies are thriving. The open source enterprise solutions provider, eZ Systems, has been on the move in North America over the last few months. And their progress is paying off to the tune of new strategy and hiring plans in the United States.

After a recent move to Chicago to spearhead North American expansion, Bard Farstad, CTO and co-founder of eZ Systems, has been working hard developing new partnerships and gathering new customers. He has decided to let us all in on eZ System’s new strategy for the United States and plans for future hiring and expansion.

United States or Bust

eZ Systems, turning 10 this year, has for a long time now been mainly marketed in Europe where the majority of its customer base is, as well as the headquarters. Farstad explains that the recession hitting hard in America has sparked renewed and growing interest in open source options and more specifically eZ Publish. This increased interest has caused a marked increase in direct requests for solutions that eZ Systems is receiving from the United States.

Considering the volume of requests they were handling and the desire to increase standing in the U.S., eZ Systems hired Todd McElroy as Managing Director for eZ in the United States. McElroy has a long history in the industry with experience in building national and international, direct and indirect sales teams.

With a new managing director, eZ has plans for more hiring down the road. Plans are to hire heavily for technical and sales/marketing positions. According to Farstad the ultimate goal is to increase overall staffing for eZ Systems by 25% globally during the year.

Growth in Tough Economic Times?

Despite tough economic times in the U.S. and around the globe, eZ Systems is confident in their continued progress. Farstad had this to say about it,

“I think that this is a good time for eZ and our Enterprise Open Source business model. We see that many of our proprietary competitors are scaling down and re-organizing their companies. Organizations are looking for alternatives and eZ delivers just that: higher value, more freedom, and an often lower price. In the US, Enterprise Open Source is finally being recognized as a real alternative to traditional proprietary software, which was not the case two years ago.”

Bard Farstad seems eager and ready to extend their services and support in the U.S. and thereby further expand the growth of eZ Systems. Based on a 10 year track record that will certainly help solidify their place in North America, eZ Systems looks set to give competition in the U.S. a run for their money.

Check out eZ Systems’ solutions and eZ Publish their open source enterprise content management system here.