Flash Quiz: CMS Consultant Sandro Groganz Speaks

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CMSWire Flash Quiz: Sandro Groganz
Lo... and the new year was on us, just like that! And as we greeted once more Apollo's Orb, and tramped again its well-trod locus, the muse descended anew upon our marketing team. Bearing a fresh concept to leverage second-degree user-generated content in a streamlined, process-driven revenue model.The result is the CMSWire Flash Quiz, in which we pose personalities from the Content Management Systems world some simple questions about themselves, the industry, and of course fast cars and the Google share price. Sandro Groganz is our first capture.Sandro is based in Germany, and has just set up an Open-Source marketing consultancy. Before that, he was the marketing lead at eZ Systems and Mindquarry. So he knows all about what's going on at the OSS coalface. Sandro combines traditional and social media marketing to build and sustain a market environment typical and beneficial for Open Source software vendors and contributors. And if that last part sounds suspiciously like official marketing blurb, that's because it is. You know how it is: you can't get a straight answer out of these marketing guys. Or can you? Let's find out...CMSWire: If you weren't doing this, what would you like to be doing?Sandro: The Open Source marketing consultancy I have just started is exactly what I want to do at the current point in my life -- no regrets! CMSWire: Will American companies still dominate the commercial Web in five years?Sandro: Yes, they will continue to dominate due to the Valley's unmatched global role. With the rise of Open Source software, chances are higher that innovative products will increasingly be developed in other countries.Yet, most of them will move their headquarters to the Valley once they become a serious business. I guess that makes them American.CMSWire: Will you be able to retire within five years?Sandro: Retire? It seems paradoxical to me that I might earn money with a profession I enjoy, just to use that money as a means to stop doing what gives me such a pleasure.CMSWire: What up and coming company (not your own) do you think is going to be big?Sandro: Well, hire me and you'll become big -- just kidding! There's no singlecompany I have in mind. Any company providing viable mass market products for the Long Tail media business will become big in the years to come. Take for example Apple, the iPod and iTunes. There's still a lot of potential, especially when it comes to video and TV appliances.CMSWire: Would you buy Google shares today?Sandro: Not today. I am having a close look at the MySQL IPO.CMSWire: Mercedes S-Class, Aston Martin DB9, BMW M5, or Shelby Cobra?Sandro: The Aston Martin looks pretty cool. On the one hand, transforming into a little boy when it comes to fancy cars, I am crazy about them. On the other hand, I never owned a car and probably never will because I prefer going by train. This allows me to work while I am traveling. Public transportation is excellent in the center of Europe. CMSWire: What is the killer web 2.0 app/implementation?Sandro: Clearly MediaWiki, the Open Source software behind Wikipedia -- it's outstanding! I also recently started to enjoy using Plaxo, Dopplr and Hiveminder. CMSWire: Any good ideas for widgets/mashups you want to share?Sandro: Better integration of various Web 2.0 tools would help me a lot. For example, I'd like to be able to bookmark blog posts from within Google Reader on del.icio.us by default. Hopefully, standards for data portability between Web 2.0 sites will one day eliminate most such problems.CMSWire: Do you get enough sleep? How much?Sandro: I get up late and work late and I need a lot of sleep. My German work ethic helps me a lot to compensate for that with being structured, punctual and efficient.CMSWire: Three things you would like to do on a genuine day off.Sandro:1. Spend a great day with my family2. Spend a great day with my family3. Spend a great day with my familyCMSWire: If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?Sandro: I would study psychology and specialize in neuropsychology -- a fascinating new discipline. Not sure though whether I would drop out of university again to work in a field that has nothing to do with my studies, simply because I am always open for new adventures.For more on Sandro, and to keep up to date with his always relevant and informative blog, head on down to: http://sandro.groganz.com.

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