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Our friends at CMS Watch stir up the proverbial hornet's nest by suggesting that while other enterprise cms vendors are actively updating and maintaining their respective Web CMS offerings, IBM's Workplace Web Content Management (WWCM) product is languishing behind the times.As bold as such an insinuation may seem, CMS Watch's 2008 Web CMS Report presents this argument by comparing IBM's current Web CMS offerings to other members of Gartner's Leader quadrant. Microsoft has rewritten their web content management system, SharePoint, from the ground up and has reaffirmed their commitment to the content management market. EMC is finally responding to customer feedback and is promising a completely overhauled user experience for Documentum 6. Oracle went the acquisition route and plans to leverage Stellent's strong WCM foundation to bring its enterprise content management product in-line with its competitors. There are also the myriad of open source applications, such as Alfresco and Nuxeo, that are also focused on the ability to manage web content within small to medium sized businesses. And while all of this is happening, little has been heard from Big Blue on the WCM front. Many industry insiders consider WWCM to be at least a generation behind and that IBM could be leaning toward following Oracle down the road to acquisition rather than trying to rejuvenate the codebase. WWCM certainly has some strengths such as integration with Websphere Portal Server and enhanced localization features. However, the weaknesses: a forked codebase supporting versions for Websphere and Lotus Domino, "a legacy of bugginess", an inactive user community, unavailable documentation, and a lack of consulting and integration vendors; make the choice of WWCM even more daunting. CMS Watch founder, Tony Byrne, characterizes the situation as:
"Workplace Web Content Management seems lost at IBM... That doesn't mean current licensees should stop using it, but it does mean that Big Blue customers should not automatically implement WWCM without carefully considering other alternatives."
How much further behind can IBM afford to fall in the web content management market? Let us know what you think in the comments. The full Web CMS Report for 2008 can be found here.