Ok, so maybe you still don't believe it, but Microsoft has really warmed up to open source -- especially when it comes to web content management. Not only have they officially launched WebMatrix, a website development and deployment tool, but they have also announced the first official version of Orchard, a .NET open source web content management system.

Get Your Website Up and Running Fast

We took you through the basics of Microsoft's WebMatrix when Beta 2 was released back in October. It's one of the latest additions to Microsoft's Web Platform, providing an environment that will let you build your own website quickly, or deploy one of a number of open source Web CMS.

DotNetNuke has announced support for WebMatrix. They will release a module that supports the Razor view engine, enabling developers to quickly develop custom code that can be run in DNN websites and applications.

And DNN isn't the only open source Web CMS to demonstrate to support for WebMatrix. At the announcement event, Joomla! leader Ryan Ozimek talked about Joomla!'s support saying, "WebMatrix puts the power and user-friendliness of Joomla! within arm’s reach of Web developers and designers by providing a set of easily accessible tools.”

As of its launch, WebMatrix is available in nine languages and offers all the tools necessary to either build and deploy a new website or configure and deploy a website using one of several open source web content management systems, including Joomla!, Umbraco, Drupal and WordPress.

And if that's not enough to demonstrate support for open source, WebMatrix will also support Microsoft's own open source Web CMS: Orchard.

Learning Opportunities

Orchard Web CMS 1.0 is Out

There wasn't an official announcement that we saw, but it is true. Orchard is mentioned as one of the supported open source Web CMS with WebMatrix and if you check out the Orchard website, you see it is in fact true, Orchard 1.0 is out.

Orchard itself is an ASP.NET MVC3 solution (MVC 3 also newly released), and it uses Razor view templates.

It will be interesting to see the up take on this Web CMS in the SMB market, especially when used in conjunction with WebMatrix.

If you are interested in what's new with ASP.NET MVC 3 and a number of other technology announcements including NuGet (formerly NuPack, Microsoft's open source package manager), Scott Gu has all the details.