Jahia (news, site) has announced an early release of its open source Java-based content management platform. The latest version adds what is becoming a de facto feature for the CMS market: Social and collaboration.

Jahia: Now with Social, Composite Applications

Jahia’s latest release, version 6.5, is targeting the ease of use that prompts many developers to move to PHP. However, the company is not a new entrant to the CMS market. Founded in 2002 in Switzerland, it has North American headquarters in Washington, D.C., and offices in Canada and throughout Europe. Jahia reports over 300 customers in over 18 countries across the world.

Jahia latest 6.5 release is focused on creating “smart content," which is the company’s handy marketing phrase for traditional content with multimedia and social tools. Jahia’s eXtended Content Management has picked up a new user interface including drag 'n' drop, a contribute mode for non-technical users, a new edit mode for advanced users as well as:

  • a new translation mechanism
  • advanced search
  • social capabilities
  • versioning and workflows

There is also a new integrated development environment (IDE) that focuses on assembly of composite applications called Jahia Studio.

Look, Ma: Content Management, No Code

The Jahia Studio is a WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop designer for creating sites using content composites. It features graphic overlays that allow building pages, navigation structure, templates, and presentation layout. It comes with several user interface components, including buttons, form fields, shapes, and dynamic elements that users can edit and format further.

The latest release integrates Java Portal Server, JSR168 and JSR286 support, an OpenSocial Container, gadgets support and self-deployable content-rich modules in one environment. In addition, Jahia has made it easier to get a site up by helping with tasks that are typically time-consuming. Version 6.5 features:

  • Pre-configured access rights at the composite level
  • Support for pre-populated content
  • Support for managing page context independently content

More than than 60 content composites and code samples are available in the new release including, breadcrumb, tag clouds, requests, version list, ACL list, bookmark this and pdf converter. The components support a dynamic connection/link between two components through point-and-click without any code.



From a technical design perspective, the platform features a modular organization.

Jahaia has provided multiple videos about version 6.5’s capabilities. Additionally, there is a webinar of Jahia beta 6.5.  You can also see a tour of features on the beta website.

The Jahia 6.5 beta is available for download.