If the success of a content management system is directly related to how much its creators talk it up, then IDConstructor v4.1 is going to be a real winner.

While the hosted version is already commercially available, beta-testing on the downloadable version is almost complete and it should be ready soon.

Designed to be entirely scalable, this web content management system (Web CMS) enables users to build websites that are dynamic and full-featured with the ease-of-use of Microsoft Word.

In fact, IDConstructor says that if you can manipulate Word, you can build websites using v4.1. But it's never quite that simple, now is it.

AJAX-Powered Intuitive Interface

The principal feature that the Danish-based creators are pushing is the AJAX-powered intuitive web-browser interface, around which many of the functions of this CMS are built.


IDConstructor v4.1 Interface

A .NET programming API and tag library for easy custom plug-in capabilities combined with flexible software architecture, v4.1 enables users to customize this platform to carry out any content-related task in large or small enterprises.

Well, that's the claim anyway. And if you mange to muddle through the annoyingly upbeat promotional material, there are a number of features that are well worth a look.

Easy Content And Asset Editing

Principal amongst these features -- from a content point of view -- is the content editing abilities.


IDConstructor 4.1 WYSIWYG Editor

From the principal interface it is possible to click on menu items and have all the content and assets related to that item displayed on screen, with user-defined content selection criteria for working on larger websites where the number of assets would be overwhelming.

Advantages of v4.1 editing environment are:

  • An interface that closely resembles Word with a browser-based editor that enables users to create, or edit any kind of web page.
  • A media library that supports metadata and alt tags for the management of digital assets allowing for easy access and item level security.
  • Easy manipulation of metadata for enhancing search efficiency and integration with taxonomies.
  • Web page manipulation by designers, or non-tech users, without coding, or manipulation of content.
  • Custom-made menu layouts with easy integration into page designs with infinite depths of view and the ability to confer specific capabilities on specific menu features.
  • User-defined design rules using the Styles Builder function.



IDConstructor 4.1 Styles creator

This new version also supports third party administrative applications directly integrated in the site enabling users to write their own applications using a full JavaScript API. It also supports applications written in C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET and HTML.


IDConstructor 4.1 Admin

Value For Money?

At a first glance, this Web CMS really does appear to be genuinely easy-to-use with its Office-like interface and WYSIWYG editor.

Its pricing is also attractive with a one year license including hosting for €75 (US$ 106), or three years including hosting for €187 (US$ 265).

If it is really scalable, then at these prices it is probably worth a look -- even if the self-promotion is really irritating.