PacktPub has begun announcing the winners for the 2008 CMS Awards. The competition has been stiff with names like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress dominating the news. Fortunately, PacktPub offers a category for Other Open Source CMS. The winners of this category, announced today, may surprise some. The category for Best Other Open Source CMS focuses on the CMS’s that are not based on PHP/MySQL and this year’s competition was closer than expected, according to With a large base of CMS’s covered in the public phases of the competition the judges had their work cut out for them. But the four of them agreed…someone has to win. Prizes were awarded to the top three in the category. First Place will receive $2,000, Second Place will receive $500 and Third Place will receive $500.

2008 Best Other Open Source Winners

First Place: Plone

First Place goes to Plone. Plone is a CMS built on the Zope open source web application server and platform using Python as its core code base. It boasts ease of use and a large amount of extendable functionality for those looking for an alternative to PHP/MySQL based CMS options. The video below gives a great overview of Plone.

Second Place: dotCMS

dotCMS grabbed Second Place with its alternative to traditional CMS setups. dotCMS’s goal is to provide a system that allows you to pull ahead of the competition. They are of the mind that, although all your competition might be using CMS, they are all using it in the same way and this doesn’t allow for one to outperform the other. dotCMS is designed to give you structured content, creating an ease of use that is difficult to match. The flexibility on the technical side of dotCMS also attributed to its Second Place standings this year. With the ability to use a variety of database types from standard MySQL to Oracle, this is the option for flexibility. The use of Apache Struts and Velocity templates give this CMS its edge.

Third Place: dotNetNuke

dotNetNuke pulled up the rear with Third Place. Ease of use and simple hosting/installation were key in dotNetNuke winning this spot. Built on the framework, dotNetNuke is a great alternative for those hosting on a .Net server. Not many CMS’s will work on .Net servers as they tend to be PHP based. Not the case here. It also runs on a variety of database setups.

More 2008 Open Source Winners to Come

Congratulations to the winners announced today for the 2008 Best Other Open Source CMS and yesterday for the 2008 Open Source MVP. But isn’t done yet. With three more days to go and the ever anticipated Best PHP Open Source CMS winner and the Overall winner still to be announced, it promises to be an exciting week in open source CMS. Stay tuned to see the rest of the winners of the 2008 Open Source CMS Awards, brought to you by