Plone Conference 2007
Here in the afternoon sessions of the Plone Conference 2007 Nate Aune from Boston-based Jazkarta is giving a talk on a suite of products that are together called Plone4Artists -- a Plone add-on that provides significant multi-media content management for Plone.Plone4Artists is a grassroots project to build an out-of-the-box portal solution for artist communities. Easy to install and pre-configured. Uses latest Zope/Plone technologies. Features include drag/drop addition of content. Audio/video metadata extraction. Playback of audio/video in browser. Podcasting and vodcasting. Calendaring. Assigning Creative Commons licenses, Improved content uploading tools, tagging, rating, commenting. Using Zope 3 technologies has made all of this much easier to develop and extend. More usable. Just upload multi-media content and Plone figures out how to grab and extract meta-data so users don't have to type all that in. Some sites using this today: * * * * * * (a brand new portal site for Plone developers, integrators, etc. to share audios, videos, screencasts, etc. - more to come on that later) Audio -- you upload, say, a mp3 file into Plone. Extends information that Plone stores about generic files (artist, album, year, genre, comment, size, filetype, etc.) ID3 metadata is auto-extracted. Modified metadata is written back to the file! Cover art image field. Genre vocabulary, comment field. Can add blob file so as not to store enormous files in the object database, but rather on the file system. Automatically created podcast stream and playlist. Can mount as a WebDAV file share and drag/drop mp3 files from a system folder into Plone. Video works in a similar way. My laptop battery is seconds away from dying - I need to go find a plug.