Sitellite Web CMS
The Web CMS folks at Simian Systems have been busy lately. Earlier this week, they rolled out several software updates, including Sitellite 4.2.12. Version 5 of Sitellite is heading our way, but in the meantime, this is the last planned major bug fix/feature update until then. There are quite a few new features planned for Sitellite 5, notably updates to the Xed visual editor, new website analysis and SEO tools, and a built-in e-commerce system. Highlight of this new Sitellite 4.2.12 version include: * IE7 is officially supported now * New measures to reduce spammer abuse of forms, including CAPTCHA, blacklists, and improved input filtering/validation * Optional auto-redirection to the Coral Content Distribution Network to prevent traffic surges which can lead to website slowdowns and even downtime when linked to from sites like and * Automatic image size constraints for images included in web pages and sidebars * Download stats of file downloads from Web Files * Image manager allows in-browser image touchups via integration * Sitellite's URLs can now have the "/index/" removed, so you now have 100% control over page URLs for increased SEO refinements * Visual notices in the Web View so editors can see draft/pending content at a glance * Cache auto-flushing keeps your website up-to-the-second accurate while still providing a big performance boost (enabled via Workflow Services) * Edit form tabs are now easily reusable for custom content types (with tutorial) * Embed Google Maps into any page with the Professional Edition box chooser * Create Google Site Maps automatically on a nightly basis for use with Google's Webmaster Tools Sitellite is both a web content management system and an application development framework built in PHP. The typical database back-end is MySQL, although the Enterprise Edition of Sitellite offers other options, including Oracle, SQL Server, and other open source databases such as PostgreSQL. Sitellite comes in three different flavors: the free Open-source Edition, the Professional Edition, and the Enterprise Edition. Aside from price, the various editions differ on feature sets (Sitellite Modules) and on database connectivity options. For those interested in greater background on the Sitellite system, CMSWire reviewed the 4.2 release of the Professional Edition. Simian Systems is a full-service internet development and content management product firm. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Canada.