Plone Conference 2008
Alexander Limi led the "Future of Plone's User Experience" session this morning at Plone Conference 2008 in Washington, D.C. Limi talked about the future of Plone's User Interface. We won't see anything new that he's working on, but we are talking about new ideas.GloWorm is a great tool, and Limi recommends it a lot. I suspect GloWorm will be added to everyone's Plone bag of tricks along with Clouseau. Deliverance (xdv) pulls in content from Plone and replaces it in a static HTML file. You don't have to know a thing about Plone to use deliverance to create a skin for Plone. It is hard to set up. But once it's working, it will be a fantastic tool. The new UI will focus on rich media handling composite pages and uploaded content. You can get full details on Some highlights of the changes: * Getting rid of the visual noise of the main area content page. * Simplified Kupu, so that not as many buttons and etc. are shown as default. * Think more widget like * Instead of having types, we have attachments about the objects. * Porlets and viewlets need to be unified * Plone is fixed width and we need to be more strict about it coming up Ha! Well, we are seeing some new stuff. Limi took a photograph of a hand-sketched drawing on what very well could be a napkin. Very high tech Limi. I think the overall theme Limi is getting at here is to simplify. Plone is now stable enough, and we can go back and make a pass at it and start cleaning it up; throwing away any junk and generally make things simple. Widgets seem to be something new we'll have to deal with -- though, in reality it's just another name for things we already use. So what do you guys think? I'm not a UI designer, so I'm not sure how I feel about some of these things. I'm curious to go to lunch and listen to what people have to say. Already seeing comments show up in Twitter. In general, I'm all for more simplicity. Can't wait to see things evolve!