New hosted cms Crowd Fusion from co-founder of Weblogs
Brian Alvey, the co-founder and CEO of the legendary Weblogs, Inc., is on the verge of launching his new startup - a CMS and hosting system called Crowd Fusion. Be excited. According to Tech Crunch, the company is expected to provide a hosted all-in-one platform for blogging, wikis, podcasting, standard web pages, forums, and will allow management a number of properties under a single dashboard. There's many a reason to have faith in Alvey's new project. For one, he's been building web publishing systems for more than a decade. And we're not talking about obscure, small time web publishing systems either. He's built the platforms that power Engadget, TMZ, Capgemini, Venture Reporter, The Kansas City Chiefs, Blogging Stocks, and Netscape, for goodness' sake! Other members of the Crowd Fusion team include: * Craig Wood, CTO - Craig has also worked with Weblogs Inc., and is a pioneer in the SEO industry since 1995. Craig is an expert in SEO, SEM, trend spotting, data mining, and spam fighting and also leads distributed technology teams. * Judith Meskill, COO - a popular speaker, social media evangelist, and thought leader in the knowledge management space, Judith brings her extensive experience in managing large virtual workforces as well as strategic insights in the realms of social media and online communities. So far, the Crowd Fusion website is just a single page with brief biographies of the three founders, and a header stating that "Crowd Fusion is a new web publishing platform, built to solve the pain points of publishers at scale." Speculators believe that Crowd Fusion may be the next generation of Blogsmith, another one of Alvey's projects, since it includes a number of content types aside from blogs. Time will tell if this pans out to be another Alvey success story; judging from the man's track record, it would be reasonable to have high expectations for this new project. Visit the Crowd Fusion site and watch it grow.