Xara Designs So You Don't Have To
Xara Web Designer is new web page software that allows complete free-form, anything, anywhere web page design.  Without any HTML or JavaScript skills required, Xara Web Designer can create graphical webpages containing text, graphics, photos, widgets and Flash.

Novice designers can benefit from ready-made professionally designed templates and graphics, including customizable headings, navigation buttons, logos, text panels and speech bubbles that can be dragged and dropped from the Designs Gallery onto the page.

In fact, all aspects of the design can be customized and users can rearrange all page elements, add their own text, graphics and photos anywhere.

Xara Web Designer Features

Xara Web Designer also introduces a number of new innovative web authoring software features, including:

  • Graphics tools for creation and free mixing of vector graphics, photos and text
  • Three - resolution independent vector graphics
  • Photo editing and optimization
  • Single-click re-coloring of all graphical elements throughout the entire website
  • Automatic CSS layer creation (including semi-transparent objects), easy rollover and pop-up effects and photo thumbnails
  • Flash animation
  • Ability to add widgets to their site such as Google Maps, YouTube movies, Picasa photo albums, newsfeeds


Xara Web Designer offers a variety of customizable templates

At US$ 49, Xara is also tool ready to come to the rescue for the budget-restricted. It caters to consumers who want well-designed site but don't know anything about HTML, graphics creations, or JavaScript.


Users can customize their site's navigation using the button bar

The ability to customize any of the large range of ready made templates means anyone can create a really high quality website, customized to their exact needs.

Want to learn more, then check out xara.com. You can learn from tutorials and watch demos.