internet explorer 8
The Internet Explorer browser does not currently support HTML 5, Microsoft has already said that support is coming in version 9. But you really don't want to switch browsers just to get a taste of the new order. Christian Adams has a little something that will do just that. But keep in mind, it is little.

Bringing a Little HTML5 to IE

Tied to Internet Explorer, either by choice or by company policy, but want some cool HTML5 capability? Well there's a new plug-in that may keep you happy for awhile.

Christian Adams has released a new version of his plug-in Xiph.Org Ogg Codecs. Along with a few Theora and FLAC bugfixes, it includes better support for Windows 7, and a video tag for Internet Explorer.

Still in technical preview, this video tag is just that -- a tag. There are no features like seek, controls or HTML5 interfaces, there's only basic playback. Still, it's something right? Right.


Demo if HTML5 video tag hack

To enable the video tag there is an xmlnx attribute that needs to be added to Internet Explorer (xmlns=" and if you are still using IE6 or IE7 you have a little tweaking to do.

You can check out a video demonstrating the feature -- keep in mind you won't actually see the video unless you have the plug-in installed or are on a browser that supports HTML5.