IDEA Information Architect Conference
After a summer spent relaxing and keeping a low profile (as if!), why not plan to re-energize your career with a trip to the IDEA Conference? Scheduled for October 7-8, 2008 in Chicago, designers, media artists and information architects alike are sure to learn new ways to reinvigorate and approach the way complex information is designed.This year's theme focuses on "issues of design for an always-on, always-connected world" and features a plethora of speakers, including: * David Armano, VP Experience Design, Critical Mass * Chris Crawford, Author & Inventor, Storytron * Bill DeRouchey, Sr. Interaction Designer, Ziba Design * Jason Fried, Co-founder and President, 37signals * Aradhana Goel, Service Design Strategist, IDEO * Dave Gray, Founder & Chairman, XPLANE * Andrew Hinton, Lead Information Architect, Vanguard * Jason Kunesh, Independent Design Professional * Elliott Malkin, Artist & Information Architect Brought to you by the Information Architect Institute, the IDEA (Information: Design, Experience and Access) Conference is sure to provide you with fresh, new perspectives about how to address pressing issues that exist between online and offline media. Learn, share and influence and spend the fall implementing new concepts and ideas. Register today!