Introducing Expert System: Semantic Web Search and Services

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ExpertSystem semantic web services
Expert System is an Italian company that is beginning to lay down a footprint in the 'States. The company has released two semantic Web products in the U.S., COGITO Monitor and COGITO Focus, so we thought we'd spread the word.COGITO Monitor is a semantic-based analyzer of consumer opinions and sentiment from online forums and blogs. It crawls the Web , measuring and graphing 'customers’ feedback about your companies’ products and services – from millions of web pages and blogs'. And then reports back and tells you exactly what people are saying about your service. Semantic technology is pretty much essential for this kind of reporting, as it can get into the forum-esque nooks and crannies which Google-type crawlers cannot.COGITO Focus meanwhile is a semantic indexing, search and analysis tool that manages strategic internal (intranet etc.) and external information.'More than 80% of the information useful for business is trapped in texts of various types (e.g. web sites, blogs, news feeds, emails, databases, etc.) ', and they're spread throughout both internal and external repositories. Focus aims to grab all that material and get it to the decision makers in an effective, automated manner. Gil Jenkins, who looks after Expert System's PR, also pointed us to a cool content categorization utility that the company builds, but we're not sure if it's on the market just yet (in the U.S. at least). Content Categorizer automatically classifies documents and is provided with linguistic intelligence ... take a closer look for yourself. Visit the Expert System homepage for more.