The circus is coming to town! Join, the largest online destination for media people today for jobs, classes, community and news, at their two-day summit on digital platforms and trends that are changing media. Mediabistro Circus, held May 20-21 in New York City, describes itself as "an unconventional gathering of high-impact content delivered in a dynamic setting to the benefit of a very targeted audience – influential senior level professionals from Interactive Media, Publishing, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Video, Broadcasting, Music, Photography, Film, TV, and Design". Sessions featured are dedicated to: * Publishing’s transition from print to digital * Social media * Online video * Social networking * Mobile technology * Blogging, podcasting, vidcasting * User experience design Among the illustrious blend of phenoms scheduled to present you'll find: * Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief, Wired Magazine * Anil Dash, chief evangelist, Six Apart * Elisa Camahort, co-founder, Blogher * Jon Wiley, user experience designer, Google * Jim Roberts, editor of digital news, New York Times The Circus aims to deliver useful information ranging from the world of the multi-platform magazine to the multi platform broadcaster; what to know and how to use critical technology platforms; the evolving role of the editor-into-producer; the growing integration of content and what role the customer is playing in the changing flow of media. Break out your stilts, grab your red rubber nose and sign up for the circus today!