This is pretty cool. JumpChart, an online interactive tool for creating wireframes, launched a few weeks ago and allows for simpler website project planning.The site allows users, upon creating an account (ranging from free to $50/month), to replace "all of the normal tedious planning methods with one simple online tool." You can add your pages and sub pages to define your site's navigation and hierarchy, then add your content. Jumpchart is built around an augmented version of Textile for content entry allowing users to insert images, photos, links, and forms as well as upload any file to any page. Furthermore, the interface is fully ajaxified enabling inline editing and dynamic page re-ordering. No experience with Textile? No worries. Each time a user edits the body of a page a handy cheatsheet is provided on-screen preventing users from having to click elsewhere for guidance. Does Textile not provide a tag style that you absolutely have to have? JumpChart provides the ability for users to add their own custom elements to the Textile formatting system using snippets. By making your site public, you can allow for collaboration with clients, designers and others involved with your site's development. With the ability to leave comments on any page, feedback can be gathered in quickly and efficiently. When the reviews are done and the client is happy, JumpChart allows users to export XHTML and CSS of every page in your site. After a video tour of their site and playing around with my free account, I am duly impressed. Its clean interface and nonchalance enticed me. We encourage everyone from freelancers to distributed teams to give JumpChart a try on your own projects. After you do, come back and leave us a comment detailing your experience.