Data Portability Workgroup
Well, it's official...the world is going mad...Microsoft will announce it's intention to join the The Data Portability group is focused on developing a centralized social graph for every user of social networking technologies. Several weeks ago, right around the "Scoble Affair", Facebook, Google and Plaxo announced their intention to join the group. Although it won't be official for a couple of days, they apparently began talking to the group shortly after the others announced their support. It certainly makes senses for Microsoft to get involved considering the social networking activities they have (400 million users between Hotmail and Live Messenger). According to Neilsen Online, Microsoft is the second largest social networking provider - ahead of Facebook. But it's also interesting to see a big vendor like Microsoft get behind an organization that proposes "non-profit" and "open-source" software. Kind of makes the skin go all crawly thinking about it. Of course it's all just rumor one is talking out about it publicly. We'll keep a watch on these events and keep you posted!